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Our Services

We are based out of Dayton, Texas, and will provide services in Liberty, Montgomery, East Harris, Jefferson, Chambers, and San Jacinto Counties. Below, you will find a range of services that are offered. You will always receive a quote before the work is started and never complete your payment until the job is done. If you are unsure or have questions about additional services, please contact us!

**travel charge may apply depending on your location

Stump Grinding

Let us get rid of your stumps, up to 26 inches in diameter.  Stumps must be no more than 8-10 inches tall.



**Stump grinding will leave a hole in your yard where the stump was. Cutting the stump down to 8-10 inches, filling  the hole and clearing of debris will be an additional charges. Please contact us with any questions. 

Brush Hogging

We can brush hog your overgrown land. 

Fence Row Clearing

 We can clean and clear your existing fence line of brush, weeds, and small trees. 

Finish Mowing

We can finish mowing pastures and fields. 

Other Services

If you have a tractor service need, give us a call to see if we can help you out!

Moving Materials

We are able to move and remove fallen trees, loose dirt, rock, and other items up to 500 lbs from your property. We are able to spread rock to smooth your driveway. Contact us for more information about what we are able to move. 


**disposal fee may apply**

Underbrush Removal

Let us help you clear out your underbrush.


Let us help you till your garden!


In-person quotes are required to ensure the success of the tractor work and the beauty of your land. All quotes are free and may be made the same day as your scheduled work.

We charge by the hour and require a 4 hour minimum per job.

Residential Work: $40/hr                Commercial Work: $50/hr

Stump grinding pricing. Residential and Commercial rates for stump grinding.

First Stump (up to 24 inches in diameter)


$2.50 per extra inch over 24 inches

Additional Stumps (up to 24 inch diameter)

$35 each 

$2.50 per extra inch over 24 inches

Payments are accepted through cash, check, debit card, credit card, & Venmo.

Contact us regarding additional questions about services, pricing, and payment methods!

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